Top 5 Pakistani Fashion Models

The exquisiteness of Pakistan has long been celebrated, and with the revival of the fashion and entertainment industry, we are becoming more used to seeing beautiful faces on our screens. DESIblitz profiles some of the biggest models of Pakistan right now.

The Pakistan Fashion industry is growing with vivid success with models enjoying huge fan followings and admirers both nationally and internationally.

Using innovation and creative talent, Pakistani fashion designers have pushed the boundaries and come up with breathtaking designs, carried beautifully and elegantly by their stunning models.

With Pakistani fashion all the rage, the models of Pakistan have had a far reaching and profound impact.

DESIblitz takes a look at some of the most influential models of Pakistan of recent years – all of whom encompass effervescent beauty, glamour and sheer admiration.

Top 5 Pakistani Fashion Models:


Nadia Hussain

Aamina Sheikh

Sanam Saeed

Mehreen Raheel