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laptop working finances laptop working finances

100 online courses from Coursera are $0 now through May 31 — here's a list of all the classes open for free enrollment

Coursera has made 100 online courses free until May 31. Now you don't have to pay $50-$200 for the certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.
Reviews 2020-04-03T18:52:00Z
How to buy alcohol online How to buy alcohol online

How to buy alcohol online and where to shop

If you want to buy alcohol online, whether it's beer, wine, or liquor, here is how you can find it, and where are the best places to purchase from.
Tech 2020-04-17T17:29:00Z
iphone se 2 iphone se 2

Apple's new iPhone SE costs $400, but you can get it for less with a trade-in — pre-orders are available now

The new Apple iPhone SE is Apple's latest and cheapest iPhone with the same performance as the iPhone 11 series for hundreds less.
Reviews 2020-04-10T18:10:00Z
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Bread making kit

10 bread-making kits that will help jumpstart your new baking hobby

Making bread has become one of the most common at-home hobbies recently. Here are 10 great bread-making kits to help you get started.
Reviews 2020-04-20T18:30:00Z
Leesa teachers

The best mattresses

After testing and researching dozens of mattresses, we've it narrowed down to the six best. These are the best mattresses you can buy in 2020.
Reviews 2020-04-14T20:35:00Z

I've been spending a ton of time in my kitchen lately. Here are the 15 appliances, gadgets, and tools I'm using the most.

Cooking three meals a day is a ton of work, but these kitchen essentials make it a lot easier and enjoyable.
Education 2020-04-10T18:29:00Z
yale law

Yale's most popular class ever is available free online — and the topic is how to be happier in your daily life

Yale University is offering its most popular course for free on Coursera. I signed up for it — here's what "The Science of Well-Being" is like.
Entertainment 2020-03-23T18:14:00Z
disney plus 4x3

Disney Plus: Everything you need to know about Disney's ad-free streaming service

Disney Plus is an on-demand, ad-free streaming service for Disney fans. Here's everything you need to know, from price to shows and movies included.
Reviews 2020-04-20T21:05:00Z

27 inexpensive, but thoughtful Mother's Day gifts under $25

We know that finding affordable Mother's Day gifts that don't look and feel cheap can be tough, so we rounded up a great array for you — all under $25.
Reviews 2020-04-20T21:01:00Z

22 unique gifts for new parents that they'll actually enjoy

Diapers are a great start, but besides the necessities, we've got plenty of clever, useful gifts ideas for new parents that they'll cherish forever.
Reviews 2020-04-20T21:00:00Z

11 embroidery kits for beginners that will help jumpstart your new hobby

These embroidery kits are perfect for beginners. When they're completed, they make a beautiful gift or wall art.
Reviews 2020-04-20T20:15:00Z

A running list of where to buy groceries online when your local store is out of stock

Shopping for groceries at our local stores or online at big-box retailers is getting increasingly difficult. Here's where we're buying our groceries.
Reviews 2020-04-20T20:02:00Z

My toddler enjoys playing this simple game, and it's helping her develop memory, language, and motor skills

Seek-a-Boo is a game for toddlers that teaches them to take turns and helps develop their language, memory, and motor skills.
Travel 2020-04-20T19:58:00Z

The best beach hotels in the US

From Hawaii to California, Florida to Maine, some of the best beach hotels are found in the US. Here are our top picks for a beach vacation without having to travel far.
Tech 2020-04-20T19:49:00Z

There are 6 major differences between the new $400 iPhone SE and the $700 iPhone 11 that can help you decide which one to buy

The iPhone SE and iPhone 11 couldn't be more different than each other except in one incredibly important way.
Tech 2020-04-20T19:16:00Z

I tried the ZTE Red Magic 5G, a phone made for gamers — its fast screen refresh rate makes playing action-packed games a joy, but it's not without weaknesses

The ZTE Red Magic 5G is a powerful gaming phone with the fastest screen refresh rate of any phone as of April 2020. Here's our full review.
Reviews 2020-04-20T19:15:00Z

This mini Dutch oven is the perfect size for single-serving meals — I cook with it on my stovetop at home and bring it with me on camping trips

This handy little cast iron Dutch oven is perfect for cooking single-serving meals outdoors or on your stove.
Reviews 2020-04-20T19:03:00Z

These flannel shirts are made from recycled plastic and tree nuts, and they're some of the softest we've ever worn

Made with organic cotton, recycled polyester, and biodegradable buttons, United By Blue's flannels are a cozy upgrade for environmentally conscious shoppers.
Education 2020-04-20T18:38:00Z

I use Coursera to take all the fun classes I never got to take in college, like the history of modern art — they're completely free and I can work at my own pace

I took a free online course on Coursera — created by the Museum of Modern Art, one of the top museums in the world — to get back into a hobby I enjoy.
Reviews 2020-04-20T18:16:00Z

How to open a wine bottle with any kind of corkscrew

Opening wine bottles is hard without the right tools and the right methods. We explain how to open a wine bottle with any kind of corkscrew.
Reviews 2020-04-20T18:12:00Z

24 small gifts and gestures for friends or family members who are having a hard time self-isolating or social distancing

It's hard to stay connected to someone you love who's feeling isolated in quarantine, but these small gestures of kindness may put a smile on their face.
Reviews 2020-04-20T17:27:00Z

The best online deals and sales happening now

We rounded up the best sales and deals happening online today, with discounts on tech, clothing, home goods, mattresses, and more.
Travel 2020-04-20T16:54:00Z

Hotel Casa de Sierra Azul in Oaxaca, Mexico is a former 19th century colonial home with a gorgeous courtyard in the heart of town — rooms can vary dramatically, so here's why I recommend the junior suite

Hotel Casa de Sierra Azul is a quiet boutique hotel in central Oaxaca, Mexico with a charming central courtyard, wonderful breakfast, and great value.
Reviews 2020-04-20T16:53:00Z

I tried Firstleaf, a subscription box that delivers wines from top vineyards around the world — here's how it works

Based on the number of subscription services that have started, the jig is up: people like wine, but most of us also don't know what we're sipping.
Reviews 2020-04-20T16:38:00Z

We asked 5 women of different shapes and sizes to try bathing suits from Swimsuits for All — here's how they reacted to the fits and styles

Swimwear company Swimsuits for All sells cute suits in sizes 4 to 40, treating often-ignored sizes and shapes as priorities. We had 5 women test 5 different options.
Reviews 2020-04-20T16:28:00Z

This online startup makes cute organic clothes for babies and kids — its curated Birthday Boxes are great gifts for any child

Monica and Andy's Birthday Boxes are full of adorable organic children's clothes, making for a fun and simple gift for kids up to size 8.
Reviews 2020-04-20T16:03:00Z

The Riviera Palm Springs is my go-to for a cheap boutique stay in the California desert

The Riviera Palm Springs is a glam desert getaway that's also highly affordable. Read our hotel review for everything to know before booking.
Reviews 2020-04-20T15:45:00Z

The best knife sharpeners

Cutting with dull knives isn't just annoying; it's dangerous. To keep the edge on your knives, you should invest in one of the best knife sharpeners.
Reviews 2020-04-20T15:00:00Z

These candles smell like home and are the perfect Mother's Day gift — they're also up to 20% off right now and come with free shipping

Homesick candles smell like your home state or favorite experiences, and make great gifts for a loved one or even yourself.
Reviews 2020-04-20T14:40:00Z

22 things I wish I had when I brought my new puppy home

Before bringing home a new puppy, pick up these essentials so they are well taken care of. You'll need puppy food, potty training products, and more.
Reviews 2020-04-20T14:00:00Z

Most coffee grinders are expensive and more complicated than they need to be — I prefer this $45 manual grinder for its consistent results and ease of use

I've worked in the coffee industry for more than a decade and I recommend this manual coffee grinder over all the others I've used.
Tech 2020-04-20T13:55:00Z

The best smart doorbells

You can get smart doorbells with video cameras and wireless ones that are battery powered. Here are the best smart doorbells you can buy in 2020.
Reviews 2020-04-20T13:50:00Z

Underwear startup Tommy John is hosting a sale right now with up to 25% off — here are the best deals

For a limited time, you can save up to 25% on underwear, undershirts, socks, loungewear, and activewear at Tommy John during its spring sale.
Reviews 2020-04-17T22:27:00Z

Sephora's twice-yearly sale is happening now — save up to 20% on brands that rarely go on sale, including Dyson, Tatcha, and La Mer

Sephora's 2020 Beauty Insider Spring Sale is here. Here's how you can get up to 20% off, along with the 20 best things to buy.
Reviews 2020-04-17T21:40:00Z

The best rowing machines

At-home rowers allow for a full-body, calorie-burning workout perfect for people of all ages. Here are the best rowing machines currently available.
Reviews 2020-04-17T21:22:00Z

REI is having a huge sale on top outdoor brands through April 27 — save up to 50% on clothing and gear

Now through April 27, you save up to 25% on cycle, camp, and fitness gear and clothing for men, women, and kids. Plus, get up to 50% outlet items.
Reviews 2020-04-17T21:20:00Z

The best sleep masks

Whether you're traveling, have a headache, or just want total darkness when you sleep, a sleep mask can help. These are the best sleep masks.
Reviews 2020-04-17T21:00:00Z

11 top-rated bathroom cleaners and tools to help get rid of mold and grime

No one likes cleaning their bathroom, but at least these 11 top-rated cleaners can help make it easier.
Reviews 2020-04-17T20:46:00Z

The picture quality and night vision on this video baby monitor are so clear that I can actually see my daughter breathing

I've been using the Vava baby monitor for a month and am impressed by its resolution and night vision. It's proven to have a reliable signal too.
Reviews 2020-04-17T20:37:00Z

The best men's wallets

Nobody wants to have a huge, fat wallet. These are the best men's wallets that will help bring your cards and cash down to a more manageable size.
Reviews 2020-04-17T20:28:00Z

I stayed at the hip Freehand New York — you'll love the artsy decor, affordable price, and great Flatiron location

The trendy Freehand New York in the Flatiron District opened in 2018 and has quickly become known as a cool, affordable place to stay in the city.
Education 2020-04-17T20:04:00Z

UPenn is offering an online master's degree in computer science that prepares students for a successful career in tech — for one-third of the on-campus cost

With a wide-ranging application to every industry, computer science is more valued and in-demand than ever. Coursera offers these classes online.
Reviews 2020-04-17T20:00:00Z

I tried Copper Cow's Vietnamese-style coffee packs, and found it easy to make my favorite drink on the go

Consider Copper Cow Coffee your daily treat — it's no more expensive than a cup from a coffee shop, it tastes great, and it's really easy to make.
Travel 2020-04-17T19:57:40Z

The best hotels in Philadelphia

The city's rich historical landmarks, award-winning restaurants, and hip urban vibe set Philadelphia apart. Here are our top hotel picks.
Reviews 2020-04-17T18:39:00Z

How to make delicious coffee with your AeroPress

Here's how to make great coffee with an AeroPress at home or on your next trip so that you'll always stay caffeinated.
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